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The Taker - Alma Katsu I see a lot of people comparing this book to Interview With The Vampire. That's a fair comparison, in the way the story is told. But I don't see it as a shortcoming. I liked this book. It kept me turning pages, and in the end, that's what it's all about - isn't it? The characters, despite their unrealistic circumstances, were real and flawed. Yes, Jonathan was kind of gross and definitely undeserving of Lanny's centuries-long devotion, but really, who among us hasn't been there? Who hasn't spent valuable time pining after the guy who gave us just enough to keep coming back despite all of the other crystal-clear evidence that he was never going to give us what we wanted? It can't just be me. But those experiences helped me relate to Lanny and understand, if not approve of (distant observer that I was) the choices she made.

The book wasn't perfect, of course. Considering Lanny's Puritanical upbringing, I found it really hard to believe that though her childhood village thought she'd become a prostitute they welcomed her back with little more than a few sideways glances. (Of course, in a book about an ancient alchemist who can switch bodies and grant immortality, this probably shouldn't have tripped me up, but it did.) And when we meet Lanny, she has just killed Jonathan, and by the end of the book, only a day or two has passed since then. But when she flashes back to it, we're told it was one month earlier. Maybe I missed something. Or maybe the editor did.

Still, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I wanted to know what happened to the characters. And as a few loose ends were left dangling, I see no reason why I wouldn't pick up the sequel.